Website Design, Development of Educational Portal for Traders Helmet Academy

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  • Customer Name:

    Traders Helmet Academy

  • Category:

    UI/UX Design, Web Design & Development, Education Portal

  • Location:

    Calabar, Nigeria

  • Duration:

    6 weeks

  • Status:


  • Website Link:
  • Tags:

    Web Design, Web Development, Web Designer

Client Details

Traders Helmet Academy is an institution providing paid courses for Forex Trading Education.

Their services include: Online Courses, Webinars, Products and publications that provide their clients with deeper knowledge of forex trading.

Project Details

Traders Helmet Academy requested for a professional website and a education portal that will allow sale of courses, enrolling and taking courses online.


What We Did

Having Received the project details, our team went into work, designed the User Interface for the Admin, students and Frontend for Website Visitors.

After design was completed, it was time to convert designs into interactive application through the software development stage.

Following approval of the website development and design, we develop a world class education portal that can power any educational institution. Course content support for documents, videos, text and audio. Adaptable contents designed to present an easy to navigate outline and progress report for each student.

Thinking of one of the best educational system in the industry? That is what is powering Traders Helmet Academy.