Front-End Web Development Certificate Course in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria or Study Online

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About Course

Learn to Code Websites with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Webpages are built with code. Front-end coding is creating the part of a website that you see in a web browser. In this certificate program you will learn HTML to mark up webpages, CSS for styling, JavaScript/jQuery to add interactivity/animation, and Git to track code changes as well as collaborate with other developers.

Become a well-rounded web and visual designer and start creating your portfolio. Learn to design the layouts, create and optimize web graphics, and code the final product with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You’ll learn how to create responsive websites that are optimized for any size screen (mobile, tablet, and desktop). No prior coding experience is required. We’ll get you started so you can build new sites or edit existing webpages!


Learn with Hands-on Projects

Learn practical skills by working on real projects with instructor guidance and lectures to strengthen and improve your skill.

This Front-End Web Development Certificate is a comprehensive and effective program that you can attend in Abeokuta, Ogun State or live online, with more learning time than many similar programs.

You get hands-on training, step-by-step training projects we’ve designed ourselves, and a free retake.


January 1, 2021

Commencement Date

January 4th, 2021


This Course is Available Live Online

You can attend this training live online at the scheduled time the course is offered through our Learning Management system with Zoom app Integration.
Our live online training is interactive and hands-on, just like our in-person classes. There are no extra fees and we’ll work with you to ensure your setup is perfect.

  • Classes are activity-based and taught by a live instructor.
  • You can hear the instruction, ask questions, and share your screen—all in real-time.
  • Retake the course for free (in-person or live online) within one year.


See What Students Are Saying About Live Online

  • “Overall experience on Zoom project meet-ups at the end of the course helped me meet a lot of new friends. I Never felt alone again after taking the online course at home. Great overall experience.”
  • “Given the fact that we had to do this entire class remotely due to Covid-19, I didn’t have very high expectations it would run so smoothly. However, I don’t think it could’ve gone any better. Not only do I feel very comfortable with the program now, but I’m actually excited to use it!”
  • “This was the first online class I’ve taken with ND and it was a great experience. Looking forward to the other classes I’ve signed up for!”


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Why Choose Slink Digital Academy

  • Hands-on training in small groups

    Work on projects proven to boost retention

  • Time-tested curriculum and supporting materials

    Refined over many cohorts for an optimal learning experience

  • Learn from industry experts with teaching experience

    Experienced educators who are driven to help you succeed

  • Retake the course for free within 6 months

    Refresh the materials and gain additional practice online


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What Will You Learn?

  • Build the front-end of webpages by coding HTML, CSS, & JavaScript/jQuery
  • Markup content such as text, images, links with HTML and then style it with CSS
  • Code fluid-width layouts that adapt to different size screens
  • Use browser developer tools to see how things work
  • Learn JavaScript/jQuery to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages
  • See how jQuery can be used to quickly add JavaScript functionality to a site
  • Learn modern CSS page layout technique such as flexbox and grid
  • Use and skin Bootstrap to build out layouts quickly, using their grid system & components
  • Use Git to track changes in your code and collaborate with other developers
  • Tips and tricks to code faster using Bootstrap, Sass, and code editors

Course Content

Visual Design Bootcamp
Create UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designs for websites and apps Build layouts using text, images, layout grids, artboards, pages, and more. Make responsive web designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. Harness the power of symbols to create reuseable design elements. Optimize graphics for web and app design (create hi‑res 2x graphics, SVG, JPEG, and PNG). Turn your designs into clickable prototypes that can be shared with others (using Sketch’s built in features, as well as InVision) Master Sketch’s symbols by learning how to override their content and styling to create powerful design systems. Update symbols and styles across multiple Sketch files (or computers) using shared Libraries. Learn useful plugins that can add amazing new features to Sketch and speed up your work.

Web Development Level 1
Start building websites by hand-coding HTML & CSS Create multi-page websites with text, images, & more Learn how to style with CSS Upload your files using FTP to make the site live

Web Development Level 2
Master important CSS concepts such as positioning, advanced CSS selectors, relative type sizing (px, em, rem), calc(), and much more Learn sophisticated styling with multiple background images, transparent color using RGBA, CSS gradients, shadows, and more Create animated effects using CSS transitions & transforms

Flexbox, Grid, & Bootstrap
CSS Flexbox for laying out and aligning webpage content. CSS Grid for an entirely new way to think about laying out entire webpages. Learn how to use Bootstrap (which is made with Flexbox) to build out layouts quickly.

JavaScript & jQuery
Learn how to write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages. Understand how to use freely available JavaScript frameworks, including the industry standard: jQuery. Create animated slideshows with transitions such as fades or slides. Build animated image enlargers, show/hide additional content, and more.

Web Developer Tools: Git & Coding Tips
What Git is and how it works How to track changes in your code using Git Work with other developers to merge your changes with theirs Installing and setting up Git Command line basics How to use Emmet, Sass (SCSS), and Sublime Text to code faster Use Sass variables to re-use CSS Navigate files faster using tools

HTML Email
Learn how to code HTML Email messages that are effective and cross-mail-client compatible. Build and work with multiple layouts: a simple one-time email blast and a more complex weekly newsletter. Gain a deeper understanding about email-friendly CSS and how to manage various email client issues.

Group Project
Collaborating with other students to build projects Learn industrial practices Learn remote remote skills

Web Design Portfolio
Design & code a website for your web design portfolio Get a domain name (.com name) and web hosting to make your live website See examples of portfolio sites & best practices Learn what to put in your portfolio

Career as a Web Designer
Sell your Skills and Make money with the skills you have acquired Employment and Freelancing