Learn Advanced Excel in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria or Online

  • Course level: All Levels


Learn with Hands-on Projects, taught by a live instructor.

Learn practical skills by working on real projects with instructor guidance and lectures to strengthen and improve your skill.

This starts with a beginner to Expert Excel class, you’ll learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel, including calculations, basic functions, graphs, formatting, and printing. This Excel class is perfect for those with limited experience looking to expand their proficiency and also those with basic excel skills who want to go advanced.


What You’ll Learn in Part I – Beginner

  • Become familiar with the interface and data entry
  • Learn essential formulas and functions
  • Format and print your work
  • Create charts, including line, column, and pie charts
  • Learn tips and tricks for easy workbook management
  • Review key concepts in a final project



What You’ll Learn in Part II – Advanced

  • Learn to split and join text, add data validation, and named ranges
  • Sort & Filter databases
  • Special formatting for calculating dates
  • Create functions
  • Learn advanced analytical tools for data consolidation, conditions to exclude data, and pivot charts
  • Use database functions such as VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP
  • Use advanced database functions including INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP-MATCH, and INDEX-Double MATCH
  • Add logical statements, including AND, OR, and IF statements
  • Create Pivot Tables to quickly summarize large databases
  • Use statistical functions such as Ranking, COUNTIFS, and SUMIFS
  • Create advanced combo charts from multiple charts
  • Cell management including cell locking, auditing, and hot keys
  • Use advanced functions and advanced analytical tools
  • Create basic macros
  • Record macros and relative reference macros for ad hoc reporting
  • Use What-If Analysis for Goal Seek and Data Tables
  • Review key concepts by creating a final project

What Will I Learn?

  • At the end of the course you would be certified as an advanced Excel and data analyst with Excel
  • You can proceed with this skill to learn Data Analysis and Data Science.

About the instructor

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  • A Laptop with Microsoft Excel (2010 - Latest)
  • Ability to communicate using English
  • Must reside in Abeokuta to learn in our office or Learn Online from any location

Target Audience

  • Employers
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  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneur
  • Students